August 5, 2006

June 22 – August 6:

Swim = 45831.2 meters
Bike = 171.2 miles
Run = 274.5 miles

Therefore, I have traveled 474.191 MILES.


Good-bye summer

August 5, 2006

Okay so its not really the end of summer. But it sure feels like it. Once I leave this apartment, summer part 2 ends. Then there’s 6 days in-transit to and from the Caribbean and in the Caribbean, and 5 days at home. CRAZY.

Ended with an 18-miler starting at 6:50AM before my final. That final was horrible. Ugh.

Will do a 7-miler either Saturday or Sunday, so I’m including that in my total.



August 4, 2006

2000m swim.

Probably the last lap swim for a very long time. Unless I somehow find a way to fit it into my schedule during the semester… : \


I have ADD

August 3, 2006

Final in… 38 hours? This is bad.

11 mile run starting sometime after 10am this morning, then 1200m swim a little after.


Somehow I have 3 loaves of bread… each 1/3 to 1/2 eaten through

August 2, 2006

Yesterday – 10 mile run at 6AM, 1000m swim.

Goggles broke at the beginning so it was interesting trying to swim without them.

Today – 4 mile run, 2000m swim.

My new goggles are sweet. No leaking or fogging.



July 31, 2006

The Internet at the apartment isn’t working properly. Sometimes it lets me on AIM and sometime it lets me on Gmail. For some reason, Xanga works most of the time. But its just freaking annoying. I don’t want to move to Everitt to use the Internet all the time.

5 mile run Saturday

19 mile bike, 1000m swim Sunday

Its hot again. There’s actually a heat advisory here from now until Tuesday. Ridiculous. I am considering waking up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to go run.


I have no self-control

July 29, 2006

I told myself I’d only swim Tuesday and Thursday… BUT this week I swam Tuesday – Friday. Wednesday and Friday were short though… but still. Luckily, a final is next Friday meaning I should spend my free time next week studying instead of swimming.

Anyways, 12 mile run and 1200m swim.